Cat Euthanasia

In home cat euthanasia

Cats are more comfortable in their own environment, so having an in home euthanasia is often the best choice. They don’t enjoy traveling even when they are sick and kitty owners find that allowing them to remain in their home is preferable to taking them to the pet hospital.


What should I expect?

The procedure for cat euthanasia is similar to what I have outlined in general. Sometimes, cats can be difficult to handle initially, but after the sedative is given, they become very quiet and somewhat oblivious to what is going on. Occasionally, I will need to wrap them in a towel to be able to handle them. Rarely, I need to use a kitty muzzle for just a short time until I can administer the sedative. I often will have to clip some hair over the vein I use, to make it more visible. I wait to do this until they are in the twilight zone from the sedative injection. The final injection is rapid and painless.

Additional information at the: at home pet euthanasia page.

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